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Happy Holidays! The Top 7 Intel Blog Articles of 2015

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explosion-firework-new-year-s-eve-december-31.jpgYear's end is neither an end nor a beginning, but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. ~Hal Borland

Reflecting on the year that’s passed or making plans for the year ahead, both come to mind as we prepare to ring in another new year. And so we hope 2015 was a year full of health, happiness and success for you and your family and wish you a Happy New Year.

The past year was a big one for Cordant as we welcomed 17 new clients, three new employees to the Cordant team and officially outgrew our office space in 2015.

It was also a big year on Cordant blog with 31 new articles. And given our focus on delivering intentional wealth management to current and former Intel employees, we frequently write about Intel specific financial issues and questions.

So, in the spirit of reflecting on the year that was, here is a sample of recent articles we’ve written specific to current or former Intel employees.

Is The Intel 401(K) Overpriced?

Tim Ferriss, in a recent podcast, said one of his rules is “no complaining without an accompanying solution.” Intel gets criticized (and even sued) for having higher costs options in the employee retirement plan accounts. Rather than simply complaining, this post outlines a solution.

Our Thoughts on the Intel Retirement Plan Lawsuit

From an investment perspective, does the lawsuit recently brought against Intel for its management of the employee retirement accounts make sense? Find out the three factors this case hinges on and the action you can take today.

What’s in Your Intel Retirement Accounts? It’s not a Mutual Fund

You may be surprised to know that out of the 31 investment options available in the 401k account only 4 of these are actually mutual funds. Find out what the other 27 investments are and the benefits and drawbacks of using these funds.

Understanding the Intel Pension Plan

Consistently one of the most popular articles on our site. In this entry you will learn: how pensions work, how your Intel pension benefit is calculated, and how to decide between your two distribution options—lump sum or monthly income distribution.

The Four Factors To Consider When Making Your SERPLUS Elections

For those who qualify, using the SERPLUS account can be a significant benefit. However, making the decision each year about how much to defer is a chore. Here is a four-step process to simplifying the decision.

Should I Use The Intel Brokeragelink® Account?

Within the Intel 401(k) account is an additional benefit that, in our experience, not many at Intel are using—the BrokerageLink® account. Find out what is a BrokerageLink® account and how does it work? What are the benefits and who should use it? Read this article to learn how this account could benefit you.

Intel’s Target Date Funds: Do They Hit the Mark?

2015 saw Intel hire an outside investment manager (AllianceBernstein) to manage the Target Date funds in the retirement plans. Some of our thoughts were included in the coverage of the change by The Oregonian, but for our full analysis and perspective read this article that outlines the changes.


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Published on December 29, 2015

Isaac Presley, CFA

Isaac Presley, CFA

Isaac Presley is the President and Director of Investments for Cordant, a wealth management firm serving current and former Intel employees. To learn more, you can read Isaac's full bio.

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