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What to Expect from a Cordant Ambassador

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maintain investment assets in retirementSo you’ve been browsing through the Cordant website.

You might have checked out the company philosophy and approach, looked through the different offerings, and even decided what phase of the wealth management lifecycle you’re in. You perused the solutions page and liked what you read there, and you gained some valuable insights from the Cordant blog.

Then, you read about the Cordant team. Advisors, analysts, and planners you expected… But what the heck is a Cordant Ambassador?

When you visit the Ambassadors page, you’ll learn that a Cordant Ambassador is a current Cordant client and former Intel employee who has retired and now serves as a resource for prospective clients.

How to Connect

There are two basic ways to make a connection with a Cordant Ambassador:

You may reach out to an Ambassador.

Clearly this is the more direct and faster option. If you already know one of our Ambassadors, or see something on a specific bio page that you like, you can email them by clicking “send email” directly from the web page. If you don’t have a preference, you can request an Ambassador contact through the Cordant office.

An Ambassador may reach out to you.

Our Ambassadors have benefited from, and believe in, Cordant’s message and methods and want to share them with the people that they know and care about. Consequently, they are actively reaching out to those people and you may be contacted by one of them with an invitation to connect.

What to Expect

If you’ve already made contact with an Ambassador and set up a meeting, congratulations! That’s a big first step!

Now, you’re probably wondering what your conversation with a Cordant Ambassador will be like. How will the process work? What should I expect? Is “Cordant Ambassador” just a fancy name for a sales guy?

Allow me to assuage your apprehension, by giving you a preview of your Cordant Ambassador meeting in the form of a tentative agenda:

1. Catch up. One purpose of this meeting is to establish or rekindle a relationship. You may already know your Ambassador through work or socially, so this will be a great opportunity to catch up on each other’s lives since your last meeting. If this is your first interaction, you can get to know each other a bit! Cordant Ambassadors are a lot like you, and here to help.

2. Gather information. Your Ambassador will probably ask you some questions about your financial concerns, how and why you came to Cordant, and what you’re hoping to get from the meeting. These questions will help us ensure the meeting is as productive and helpful as possible for you.

Similarly, this meeting will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have as well. Remember, Cordant Ambassadors were once in your same position, looking for help in the financial wilderness. They are clients first – and that’s where their value to you comes in. They can share their experiences as clients and before they started working with Cordant. They are here to help address your concerns. So ask questions and probe for more details as you like. Transparency is a Cordant value that our Ambassadors embrace.

3. Discuss your financial situation. Just as you are probably looking to make the most of the resources that you have, so are our Ambassadors with theirs. Accordingly they are open to the possibility that there is something better out there that would be an improvement over what they are currently doing. Continuous improvement is not unique to Intel – Cordant embraces it as well. With that in mind, your Ambassador may ask you what you’re currently doing with your investments. Are you working with a financial advisor, or managing them yourself? How is it working out for you? What do you like or dislike about it?

4. Provide recommendations. The goal of all of our Cordant Ambassadors is for you to be well cared for financially (by yourself or someone else) and that you are intentional with managing your wealth. Our goal is not to sell Cordant or its services.

That said, if your Ambassador feels that your concerns can be addressed effectively by the Cordant team, you can expect a recommendation to speak directly with a Cordant advisor to determine if there is a mutual fit. Your Ambassador can facilitate scheduling that meeting, and can help you understand what to expect. Conversely, if it appears that a relationship with Cordant would not benefit you substantially, we’ll tell you that, too. In either case, though, you are welcome to take the next step to meet with an advisor and your Ambassador can help with that.

What Not to Expect

Our Cordant Ambassadors are clients and current or former Intel employees, not finance professionals. As a result, you should not expect to receive any detailed financial advice or specific investment recommendations during your Ambassador meeting. Accordingly, your Ambassador will not ask for personal details of your current portfolio – such as what specific investments you have, or the amounts you have invested in them.

Most importantly, none of our Cordant Ambassadors has a background in sales so they are not “sales guys.” They are all former Intel engineers and managers, and as such you should not expect to be “sold” anything. They will tell you about their experiences that might relate to your questions and concerns, and may suggest an advisor meeting as a next step. But they are here, first and foremost, to be a resource for you.

The Next Step is Yours

Now that you’re prepared for your Ambassador meeting, the next step is up to you. Click the “send email” button on any of our Ambassador Bio pages, or give Cordant a call at (503) 621 – 9207. Our Cordant Ambassadors look forward to meeting with you.

To learn more about our Cordant Ambassadors or schedule a meeting, contact us today.

Click here for disclosures regarding information contained in blog postings.

Click here for disclosures regarding information contained in blog postings.
Cordant, Inc. is not affiliated or associated with, or endorsed by, Intel.

Published on September 02, 2014

Dave Unzicker

Dave Unzicker

Dave Unzicker became the first Cordant Ambassador in May of 2014. His full bio is available in our Ambassadors section, where you can learn more about his personal story as a Cordant client and what it means to be a Cordant Ambassador. Connect with Dave on LinkedIn here.

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