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Why I Became a Cordant Ambassador...

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"Do I really Want to do this?"

dave-unzicker_cropWhen William first approached me about becoming a Cordant Ambassador and helping to grow Cordant’s client list, I had to consider whether, after seven years of enjoying retirement, I really wanted to go back to work. After all I was quite content with my lifestyle and the activities that I chose to fill my time: golf, tutoring students in math and science, travel, family, Scouts, etc. I certainly did not need to work.

So it really came down to the question, “Do I really want to do this?”

Admittedly, my initial motivation was self-serving: with more clients the firm can spread its expenses across more accounts and my share, my management fees, would be reduced. This might sound a bit like wishful thinking to some with experience with traditional investment firms, but previous conversations with William led me to know that this would happen. However this is what I considered to be a “nice to have” reason, and certainly not compelling enough to pull me off the golf course to get back to work.

As I thought more deeply, though, I found three factors that I considered to be important enough to get me to take the step back into the working world.

As an Ambassador, I am part of a high-functioning team of like-minded individuals.

While I enjoy the heck out of my tutoring activity, it is really a solitary role: just me with the student. If there was anything that I missed since leaving Intel it was working together with other motivated individuals to accomplish meaningful goals. Having worked as a client with William’s team for several years I know how motivated and engaged they are. It is good to be part of that team working to make a difference in people’s lives.

I have the opportunity to share something good with my friends and former colleagues.

Not that I couldn’t do it before—I certainly made several referrals over the years—but it gives me the chance to do it in a less ad hoc fashion. I have seen first-hand how William and his team help clients evaluate their financial situation, and make their retirement decisions with confidence. My family and I have been fortunate to maintain our current lifestyle over the past seven years of retirement and for the foreseeable future. These are good things and I think others should get to experience them as well.

I am contributing to a larger mission.

William has a vision of changing the way the financial industry works with clients and it is getting attention. I was with William for about six years while he was with Morgan-Stanley and, when he left to form his own company so that he could better serve his clients, I was a member of his Client Advisory Board which advised him on what we thought the new firm could be and do. Having had some undesirable experiences with financial companies in the past motivates me to work to help, even if in a small way, to change it as well.

So the combination of these three things: I would enjoy being on a strong team, I could help my friends and former colleagues, and I can contribute to a larger mission, brought me back to the workplace as a Cordant Ambassador.

Of course the fact that it won’t seriously impact my existing activities played a major role as well. After all, I am still retired!

Next Steps

If you want to learn more about my Cordant story, what a Cordant Ambassador is or does, or how, with William’s help, I went from considering leaving Intel to actually doing it (and thriving afterwards), I invite you to reach out with questions!

Click here for disclosures regarding information contained in blog postings.

Click here for disclosures regarding information contained in blog postings.
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Published on July 23, 2014

Dave Unzicker

Dave Unzicker

Dave Unzicker became the first Cordant Ambassador in May of 2014. His full bio is available in our Ambassadors section, where you can learn more about his personal story as a Cordant client and what it means to be a Cordant Ambassador. Connect with Dave on LinkedIn here.

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