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William Anfuso

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Does your advisor have your best interests at heart? A 4-Step Framework

by William Anfuso on August 26, 2014

Some decisions in life (like choosing a grocery store) do not require a great deal of thought. These choices are relatively minor, and typically a product of convenience. On the other hand, some decisions (like doing business with a new business or firm) are much more substantial, involve in-depth analysis, and a level of mutual trust. That’s because unlike a grocery store, your financial advisor selection can and should have a meaningful impact on the results you want to achieve.

So, how do you know if an advisor team has your best interests at heart?

There are a number of items to consider when approaching this question. Below, we’ve outlined the four most important considerations to help you select and evaluate a financial advisory relationship, and questions to determine whether it aligns with you and your best interest.

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Why I Left Wall Street...

by William Anfuso on July 01, 2014

We’ve shared a bit about the story of our business - but my personal journey is not as widely known. The fact is – before founding Cordant in 2010, I spent almost 10 years at a major Wall Street firm, as a Wealth Advisor and (later) Senior Vice President.

Many considered my time there successful - I built a strong wealth management team (many of whom are still with me today), established deep relationships with clients, had a clean compliance record, participated on the financial planning counsel, and consistently ranked as one of the firm’s top advisors.

Like most top-tier advisors running a team on Wall Street, I made good money. Which is why many (my wife included) thought I was a little crazy when I chose to walk away from a financially lucrative career in order to deliver much more to clients and ultimately, to help change how the industry manages wealth.

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