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Getting Better Every Day

Rising rates don’t mean you should exit US Bonds

An Introduction to Healthcare Sharing Programs

Investing Well and Good With Cordant

Using a Donor Advisor Fund to Optimize Your Charitable Giving and Save On Taxes

Three Steps to Understanding the Impact of Pre-Medicare Healthcare Costs on Your Ability to Retire 


I changed My Passwords, my Credit is Frozen, What now? How can I be cyber-Secure?

Putting your portfolio in a drawer

Tackling Required Minimum Distributions: What you need to know before year end

Three Tips for Evidence-Based Retirement Plans

Best practices in investing

Because I said so investing…

Health Care in Retirement: What Does it Cost?

What Monte Carlo Projections Leave Out (...And Why You Can Still Trust Them)

How should you handle the upcoming investment changes to the Intel retirement plans?

Why Winging Your Retirement is a Really Bad Idea

Making the Most of Your Intel Benefits: A Look at Outperformance Stock Units (OSUs)

Retiring from Intel: Calculating Years of Service, Determining Retirement Eligibility and the Benefits of Being an Intel Retiree (Part 2)

Retiring from Intel: Calculating Years of Service, Determining Retirement Eligibility and the Benefits of Being an Intel Retiree (Part 1)

How to Stress Test Your Financial Plan: A Look at the Key Variables

Five Myths About Landing a Good Job Later in Life [Infographic]

Margin Debt Hits All-Time High, or Does It?

How Do You Know If Your Investment Strategy Has Stopped Working?

Social Security Income: How to Delay and Optimize for Taxes

Make an Appointment Now to Update Your Financial Plan for 2017

Don’t Let Life Imitate Art When It Comes To Estate Planning

Contradicting Warren Buffett: When Volatility is Risk

How To Reduce Your Target Number and Retire Earlier

10 Things We Believe Wealth Management Should Be

[W]indexing: When Average Isn’t Average

Financial Rules of Thumb: Debunking Common Misconceptions about Retirement Planning

Checking in on the Portland Real Estate Market: Will Prices Continue to Rise?

The Biggest Mistake Older Investors are Making Right Now

Should You Split Your Investments Between Two Competing Advisors?

What If….

Lessons from 2016

The Hidden Variable of Performance

Taking Action With Tax Planning: Part 2

Taking Action With Tax Planning

The Key to Great Investing

Cheaper Doesn’t Mean Do More

2017 SERPLUS Enrollment [A Framework and Resources]

Where Do We Go From Here?

What To Do With Your Company Stock: A 3-Step Plan

Diversification: More Important Now Than Ever

The Difference Between Smart Financial Advice and Smart Financial Advice For You

How Not To Evaluate Investment Performance

How Concentrated is Too Concentrated? A Mistake That Costs You the Whole War

Q3 Investment Update: The Election's Impact on Your Portfolio

Using Buffers to Become a Better Investor

What To Do With Your Intel Pension When You Retire? [Plus free excel analysis tool]

How much can I spend in retirement? Our Take on the 4% Rule

Underperformance: Not a Bug, a Feature

How 'Withdrawal Order' Can Increase Wealth and Reduce Taxes

How to Generate a Paycheck in Retirement (or After Leaving Intel)

What are Interest Rates Forecasting for Stocks?

Stick with It: The Key to Factor Investing (Or Any Investing Strategy)

Taking Action Now Costs Less Than Being Forced To Later [Announcing an Upcoming Retirement Transition Seminar]

Factor Investing: No Secret, So Will It Continue to Work?

Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

An Introduction to Factor Investing: Part II

Q2 Investment Update: When Stocks Go Nowhere

An Introduction to Factor Investing: Part I

Social Security Planning

Brexit: Keep Calm and Carry On

The Very Real Cost of Impatience

Six Types of Diversification to Include in Your Portfolio

The More You Know: Navigating the Financial Transition from Intel [Free Workshop]

"Keep Swimming" and Other Lessons From Intel's Andy Grove

Why You Don't Need to Keep Up During a Bull Market

Life After Intel: An Interview with Intel Retiree Ben Manny

Never Miss an “Extreme Winner” Again

Thriving in Uncertainty

Mr. Market

Balancing Earning a Salary with Managing Your Wealth

A Career Inflection Point: Navigating the Pending Intel Job Cuts

A Pause that Refreshes or Trouble Ahead?

Q1 2016 Market Recap

Why You Should Ignore the "Best" Timing Signal on Wall Street

An Active Management Performance Update

Investing Lessons From Intel's Copy Exactly Philosophy

The Most Horrendous Lie on Wall Street is Getting Exposed

Upcoming Retirement Workshop: Navigating the Intel Retirement Plan

Should You Hedge Against Natural Disasters?

Is it Time to Abandon Emerging Market Stocks?

How to increase investment options in your Intel Retirement accounts

How to Set Financial Goals [Free Intel Financial Goal Worksheet]

The Myth of Wall Street and Ben Graham on The Power of a Simple and Consistent Approach

The easy way to avoid financial ruin

6 Steps to Help Your Children Avoid Feeling Entitled

Why Own Bonds?

Intel Settlement Check: A Reminder About the Importance of Alignment

This Is The Hard Part

2015 Market Recap: Good Riddance

The Goal of Wall Street: ‘To Wring More Profit From Its Clients’

How to Pick the Best funds in the Intel 401k

Happy Holidays! The Top 7 Intel Blog Articles of 2015

8 Investing Lessons from an Engineer

Is The Intel 401(K) Overpriced?

Our Thoughts on the Intel Retirement Plan Lawsuit

What’s in Your Intel Retirement Accounts? It’s not a Mutual Fund

5 Ways the Investment Industry “Optimizes on the Wrong Parameters”

Intel 401(k) Update: Fidelity BrokerageLink® Notice To Liquidate Fund

The Four Factors To Consider When Making Your SERPLUS Elections

Quarterly Investment Review: Q3 2015

Financial Blueprint Creates A Strategic Plan For Your Wealth

Discipline Or Genius: What Matters More To Your Investment Results?

The Right Tools For The Job

Some Perspective on Recent Market Movements: A Few Things to Remember About Investing in Stocks

The magic trick behind successful wealth management

Quarterly Investment Review: Q2 2015

Seneca on Performance Reporting: The Value of Looking Back

Should I Use The Intel Brokeragelink® Account?

The Panic Tax

3 Advantages Of “Low-Frequency” Trading

Turn Off Your Tv And Ignore The Infotainment “Experts”

Four reasons to get advice on your 401(k) assets

How Worried Should I Be About Europe?

Intel’s Target Date Funds: Do They Hit the Mark?

Q1 Educational Topic – Managed Futures

Quarterly Investment Review: Q1 2015

4 field-tested steps to making better wealth decisions

How options can impact your wealth management decisions

The stock market is not the economy

Why one of the best investors of all time needs a financial advisor

Should you pay your financial advisor a performance-based fee?

How to overcome emotions and be a better investor

The cost of emotion: why you make poor investment decisions

The risks of owning individual stocks

Five Investment Tips to Remember in 2015

Should Struggling Economies Affect Your Investment Strategy?

Driving in the Rear-View Mirror

Three Strategies to Save Money on Taxes

What are you optimizing for?

The Cultural Links between Intel and Cordant

What is Investment Integration?

Don't Be an Average Investor

Is your broker set up to fail?

Understanding the Intel Pension Plan

Planning for Children with Special Needs

My Cordant Experience

Intel's Use of Hedge Funds: Another Perspective

The Power of Incremental Change

What to Expect from a Cordant Ambassador

Does your advisor have your best interests at heart? A 4-Step Framework

7 Tips for Protecting Your Financial Information

Globetrotting With Your Portfolio

Is The Market Too Expensive?

4 Hidden Investment Expenses that May Be Undermining Your Returns

Why I Became a Cordant Ambassador...

Maintaining your Investment Strategy in Retirement

Why I Left Wall Street...

How to Select & Manage your Assets in Retirement

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